About IQ Home Automation

At the heart of iQ is a passion for creating centralized management of automation and audio video communications that utilize premier products to enhance comfort and security.

Communication: The essence of centralized solutions. Information is shared between our people and the automated digital media distribution systems we have tailored to meet your needs; shared information creates a smart home that works to meet and exceed your expectations. Every aspect of your smart home is customizable, which enables iQ technicians to program each piece on its own and as part of a synchronized structure. The coupling of individual components with localized control interfaces allows every system to be condensed and expanded according to budget or the natural evolution of necessity within the home.

Controlled management solutions: Every iQ Home Automation Ltd. system is monitored twenty four hours a day and iQ Home Automation Ltd. technicians are notified immediately via email if there is ever a miscommunication between your components. These incidences are addressed, refined and resolved to facilitate the adjustment of your home’s natural progression and growth. We create flexible solutions and streamline your control, because it works.