iQ Home Automation Services

Lighting Services | iQ Home Automation, Okanagan Valley BCIllumination – Intelligent lighting that transforms the mundane on or off into a functional lighting experience with comfortable illumination when and where it’s needed. With expanding technology we have the ability to shape and transition light to suit the demands of our lives, our homes and the environment. Programmable, dimmable, responsive light controls which can adjust according to natural light or “remember” a week’s worth of activity and reevaluate your needs are at the forefront of green technology and environmental longevity.


Cinematics Services | iQ Home Automation, Okanagan Valley BCCinematics – Multi-room audio and video networking; media with centralized control. This method of distribution utilizes multiple audio and visual sources from and to any room of the home and can be linked with lighting and blinds to create the absolute viewing experience.



Acoustics Services | iQ Home Automation, Okanagan Valley BCAcoustics – One interface controls the entire system, integrating or segregating each room of the house for complete harmony. Hidden equipment can be seamlessly incorporated into ceilings and walls, eliminating clutter to promote unified consistency within the design of the home.



Climate Services | iQ Home Automation, Okanagan Valley BCAtmosphere – Ongoing global discussions of sustainability require conscious decisions to improve energy efficiency and intelligent lighting, blind control, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are cutting edge solutions for reducing energy footprints. Climate management systems including temperature control with fresh air, natural heating and cooling, blind control, natural light response and remote access to monitor and make adjustments when necessary are paramount to greener living.


Security Services | iQ Home Automation, Okanagan Valley BC

Security – Site Management And Remote Television Equipment, SMARTE, with iQ incorporates premier security products for incomparable safeguarding. The varying platforms of protection with iQ Home Automation Ltd. span from your smart home’s ability to mimic your daily activity while you’re on vacation to placement of top of the line security cameras to strategically monitor every area on a twenty four hour a day basis. Security to match your needs and your budget.